Last Minute Stuntman

by Action/Adventure

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Gus Cerenzia
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Gus Cerenzia Such a great band, they strike the right balance between going crazy with technical shit and breaking it down into sick choruses and breakdowns. Also their drummer kicks ass! Hope to see more jams Favorite track: Nightmare On Southfield.
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released June 3, 2016

All Music written and performed by Action/Adventure

"I've Got a Monster In My Pocket" Written by Action/Adventure and Manny Avila

Guest vocals on "Four Stocks, No Items" performed by Vince Gannon

Guest vocals on "I've Got a Monster In My Pocket" performed by Nico Miura

Guest vocals on "The Great Dinosaur Atlas" performed by Wade Hunt

All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Terry of John Terry Sound

Additional arrangement on "The Great Dinosaur Atlas" by John Terry

Artwork by Shannon Conway


all rights reserved



Action/Adventure Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Family Matters
I drank a bottle of charades
while building up our palisades
of confession, colosseums
and unintended heartache
Try to move at the speed of light
minites to hours to find peace of mind
sun up to sun down that part of my life
bounce off the walls 'til i get this shit right!

We're not here to take part! We're here to take over!

I'm holding my self hostage
in a fort we built from cardboard boxes
negotiate from state to state before we cut our loses
I'm holding my self hostage
in a fort we built from cardboard boxes
a house of cards and basement bars we're desperate and we're honest.

You tried to build a jar around a fire fly
so you could keep the glow that keeps you up at night
but i'm leaving through the window its fight or flight
I'll never fade away like your burnt out hype.

So where do we draw the line in the sand
does it come together like the pictures in your head
they're vivid and irrepliceble
You tried to build a jar around a fire fly
Cause yo were always sick of having fate decide
I'm here to beg the question are we wasting time
Cause we're at pointe place and WE'RE ALL ALRIGHT
Track Name: Four Stocks, No Items (ft. Vince Gannon)
I've been beating myself up day and night
thinking about these past few years
how they've come and gone
how you sleep at night like theres nothing wrong
Cause I left us hanging by a thread
over an open flame and I lit myself
just to see if we could get out alive
but I don't know if we can make it this time

This is a free for all
Against the master hand
So keep the cameras rolling

We carved our names in the concrete
Bare knuckle bloodshed
We won't take misguided urgencies
So just know. I won't play. This game

Some times the people we admire aren't always who they seem to be
They hide behind a facade of smoke and mirrors
With broken smiles and yellow teeth.
And only a monster would think to use.
A second chance as a weapon, theres no excuse

I fear my world is under water.
And I. Can't. Breathe.
I fear my world is under water
My fears consuming me.

I hope you take this the wrong way.
You tried the best of us in negotiation
This is our response. A retaliation.
We're still hoping for some day.
See through the cracks of your own reflection
An optimist craving attention.

I hope you take this the wrong way!
Track Name: I've Got A Monster In My Pocket (ft. Nico Miura)
This weight on my chest this gripping feeling
Constantly unknowing if I miss this will I get a second chance.
I'll bury the past, I'm on my own.
This rivalry won't best the countless hours I have spent

Searching and seeking and waiting in prey
To capture me an audience, elite in number one to four make way.
And I know, it must be hard for you to see me go
But I promise. I'll be all right

Take a deep breath
and steady your hand.

As this Pewter moon illuminates the mountains
I imagine with my pallet that i'll paint these cities
Yellow, Blue and Red!
And I won't stop 'til you face me in the end.
I'll meet you on the battlefield and call your bluff my friend

I'm a jack of all trades
So try and pretend to respect me
I'm decorated in spades
I'll show you the metal you'll know me by name

Despite everything you throw at me
I'm holding out until relief I'm not going down
And I'm on the road to victory
and I don't need you to believe
Just step right up I've got you beat.

You try to bring me down.
You laughed at who I am
You said i'd never amount to anything
Well I've decided I'm not running anymore
Tonights the night lets put 'em up
And lets settle the score

No. Wait. Don't worry I've got this
Just be sure you've come prepared for a fight
Track Name: Nightmare On Southfield
I'm writing ransom notes with the person that I was five years ago
I'm here to watch you break
'Cause its hard growing up on camp crystal lake
Because no one seems to notice
That best friends disappear
I hate to say I miss you
But I'm much better off without you here

I still don't trust all my friends

I took the scenic route through a crowded street
To see if strangers would remember me
Call it a requiem or a reverie
But we don't need synthetic sympathy
And I'll spill your guts like the skeletons in my closet
I'm the ghost but I'm the one that's haunted

Who are you to judge me
You'll still see me in your dreams
As I drag your body across the ceiling
You burned down all my things
Your anger was redirected
As I pull your body into bed with me

You'll see me in your dreams
And I'll see you on Elm Street

You bring the worst out in me
Misunderstood and misdirected
I never left I reinvented

I'd be stupid to give up on this dream
You'd be stupid to give up on this dream
Track Name: The Great Dinosaur Atlas (ft. Wade Hunt)
You watched me drown myself in oceans of red
through the faded lens of colored glasses.
I ignored the warning signs and the red flags.

You know I paved the way.
Although our success was only temporary.
You know the script we made.
Is molding to a comeback story.

This is a motion against hypothetic.
An active demonstration of the aesthetics
of keeping your word. I'll stick to my guns.
My hearts a loaded clip and I refuse to play the victim.

I saw a ghost.
That followed me from the train station back home.
A stranger that you once knew well some years ago.
It's funny how life changes.
We can go from holding hands to barely recognizing faces.


I'll give you something you won't forget.
My minds a weapon so I'll pull the pin.
So drown yourself in your own ignorance.
This. Means. War.

All things considered I'm broken and bitter.
Where you're the result of the redundant listeners
from exploited emotions and context cliches.
I swear I'll move on through these shadows in caves
I'm a mortician who's sick of digging my own grave.

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